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KE4JCD and KF4BEL Upgraded!

If you're looking for KE4JCD or KF4BEL, well, look no further! We have fabulous news, both KE4JCD and KF4BEL sold out and we're letting our Amateur Radio licenses expire. Why? Amateur Radio was once a very popular fad that has been replaced by smartphones and the Internet. Now it's time to join the fun with Chatty Guys and Gals on Zello. Yeah, login to the Bookworm Cowboy Chat Shack or Tutti Cowgirl Country Playground today! Our nicknames on Zello are BookwormCowboy or TuttiCowgirl. We also use the Jitsi Chat. The Jitsi Chat has HD audio and video. It lets you hold unlimited FREE meetings with up to 100 participants at a time. End-to-End encryption and its open source. If you wish to learn more about other popular fads, Click Here. Follow us: mastodon.online/@BookwormCowboy